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Orenda Iroquois Engine

For the CF-105 Arrow project, Avro Canada had originally intended to use one of three different engines, all UK designs: Rolls-Royce RB.106, the Bristol B.0L.4 Olympus, or a license-built version of the Olympus, the Curtiss-Wright J67. The RB.106 and J67 were selected...

We Are Canadian – lyrics

Lyrics by Ellis Pringle Craig. WE ARE CANADIAN! We came from the beginning, shrouded mists of time and space, And in this vast and northern clime each found our sacred place. We were the first to touch this earth, the people of the land, We lit the flame and then...


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The Ever Dwindling Few

THE EVER DWINDLING FEW By:  Ellis Pringle Craig At Juno Beach an old man stands and limps down to the shore, Where on this sand he crawled and ran so many years before. The skirl of pipes still in the air, the ceremony o’er, He knows the ghosts who haunt this...

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