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On the morning of 7 May 1944,  Kapitänleutnant Eberhard Zimmerman, commander of the U-548, spotted a Canadian Frigate, HMCS Valleyfield in the crosshairs of his periscope.  He launched two GNATs, acoustic torpedoes, one of which struck the River Frigate near her boiler, splitting the ship in two, and four minutes later, the Valleyfield began its final voyage to the bottom of the Atlantic.  Of the 163 crew on board (see chart below), only 43 were rescued.

Name Age Rank
Addison, Henry Charles, RCNVR Able Seaman
Anderson, Norman William, RCNVR Ordinary Seaman
Arseneault, Willard George, RCNVR 26 Leading Stoker
Attwood, Albert James, RCNVR 46 Leading Steward
Avery, William Harold, RCNVR Stoker 1st Class
Avey, Sydney Charles, RCNVR 19 Stoker
Barefoot, Gordon William, RCNVR 20 Stoker
Baulne, Joseph Emile René, RCNVR Able Seaman
Blochlinger, John Emile, RCNVR 31 Petty Officer Stoker
Bolitho, Samuel Symonds, RCNVR 38 Engine Room Artificer
Boucher, George Arthur, RCNVR 23 Able Seaman
Boudreau, Leonard James, RCNR 27 Petty Officer Stoker
Boutilier, Ralph Howard, RCNR 29 Petty Officer Stoker
Bouvier, Theodore Joseph, RCNVR 23 Signalman
Brault, Roland, RCNVR 21 Able Seaman
Brown, David Edgar, RCNVR 19 Able Seaman
Brown, David Henry, RCNVR 28 Leading Seaman
Burns, Edward Richard, RCNVR 22 Cook
Burton, William Clarence, RCNVR 26 Supply Assistant
Byron, John, RNR 53 Commander
Cant, Daniel, RCNVR 19 Stoker
Carey, Percival George, RCNVR 28 Able Seaman
Chiesa, John Delkie, RCNVR Stoker 2nd Class
Cooke, Dwight Russell, RCNVR 26 Petty Officer Stoker
Cornwall, James Anthony, RCNVR 20 Able Seaman
Daley, Robert E., RN Telegraphist
Daoust, Joseph Harold Hector, RCNVR 19 Stoker
Daubs, William, RCNVR Steward
Davey, William, RCNVR 20 Able Seaman
Dawes, James Calvin, RCNVR 22 Able Seaman
Denis, William, RCNVR 25 Telegraphist
Deslauriers, Joseph Jacques Uldege, RCNVR 20 Stoker
DeWare, Noble Horton, RCNVR Able Seaman
Dickenson, Reginald George, RN Telegraphist
Donohue, Donald Thomas, RCNVR 21 Ordinary Seaman
Dupuis, Raymond Clifford, RCNR 21 Able Seaman
Edwards, William Lawrence, RCNVR 20 Stoker 1st Class
English, Dermot Thomas, RCNR 33 Lieutenant Commander
Erskine, William, RCNVR Stoker 1st Class
Flath, John Carleton, RCNVR 30 Lieutenant
Flude, Albert Edward, RCNVR Ordinary Seaman
Friesen, Louis, RCNVR 29 Petty Officer Stoker
Garrioch, Elmer George, RCNVR 26 Able Seaman
Gauthier, Joseph Alphonse Jean Paul, RCNVR 27 Engine Room Artificer
Gibson, Donald Harry, RCNVR Telegraphist
Giles, David Henry, RCNVR 19 Able Seaman
Godwin, Donald Harold, RCNVR 20 Ordinary Seaman
Goss, Robert William, RCNVR 19 Able Seaman
Graham, Douglas George, RCNVR 23 Leading Supply Assistant
Griffin, John Albert, RCNVR 18 Ordinary Seaman
Guilbault, Joseph Rene Celestin, RCNVR 18 Able Seaman
Guthrie, Robert Milford, RCN 20 Leading Seaman
Hammick, Laurence Almeric, RCNVR Signalman
Hancock, Charles Clifford Nelson, RNPS 22 Ordinary Telegraphist
Harding, Percival Roy, RCNVR 20 Able Seaman
Harvey, Stanley Frederick, RCNVR 23 Petty Officer
Hoffman, Martin John, RCNVR 22 Ordnance Artificer 4th Class
Howe, Ralph Ingraham, RCNVR 18 Ordinary Seaman
Howlett, Robert Floyd, RCNVR 23 Supply Assistant
Ioanin, George Albert, RCNVR Ordinary Seaman
Irvine, Clarence Edward, RCNVR 36 Surgeon Lieutenant
Irwin, William Charles, RCNVR 20 Able Seaman
Ivy, William Edward, RCNVR Petty Officer Telegraphist
Jobin, Joseph Romeo Gaston, RCNVR 25 Leading Seaman
Johnson, Lorne Irwin Clinton, RCNVR Ordinary Seaman
Johnston, John Stewart, RCNVR 35 Engine Room Artificer
Kaplan, Irving Jack, RCNVR Yeoman of Signals
King, Albert Edward, RCNVR 20 Radio Artificer
Knight, Raymond Edward, RCNVR 18 Ordinary Seaman
Laing, Ellsworth Clark, RCNVR Ordinary Seaman
Lariviere, Joseph Arthur Adrien Gerard, RCNVR 20 Able Seaman
Laviolette, James Ferdinand, RCNVR Chief Petty Officer
Law, Jack Fraser, RCNVR Able Seaman
Layton, Paul Chisholm, RCNVR 24 Leading Writer
Le Drew, Rexford Stanfield, RN Engine Room Mechanic 4th Class
Lee, Frank Edward, RCNVR 24 Able Seaman
Lennox, Allan John, RCNVR 22 Telegraphist
Lockwood, Harold Laverne, RCNVR 20 Ordinary Seaman
Long, Jeffrey Alfred, RCNVR 19 Ordinary Seaman
Lonsberry, Frederick Murray, RCNVR 21 Able Seaman
Lyons, Nelson, RCNVR 22 Stoker
Maclachlan, George Alan, RCNVR 22 Lieutenant
Maclaren, Ian Pearson, RCNVR 23 Lieutenant
Maclean, James Douglas, RCNVR 22 Engine Room Artificer
Martin, Leslie Frederick, RCNVR Stoker 2nd Class
Mason, Stirling Cashman, RCNVR 22 Lieutenant
McCue, Thomas Bernard, RCNVR 20 Steward
McDonald, Richard Alexander Angus, RCNVR 20 Able Seaman
McGettigan, Emmett Patrick, RCNVR 25 Leading Cook
McGibbon, John Donald, RCNVR 19 Ordinary Seaman
McGregor, Alexander Murray, RCNVR Cook (S)
McLaughlin, Russell Lewis, RCNVR Telegraphist
McNeill, Bernard James, RCNVR 19 Able Seaman
Menzies, Joseph Blair, RCNVR 30 Engine Room Artificer
Mills, Archie William, RCNVR 37 Coder
Mooney, Francis Joseph, RCNVR 21 Stoker
Moore, William Wallace, RCNVR 20 Able Seaman
Mulcahy, Daniel, RCNVR 27 Stoker
Munro, Edward Donald, RCNVR Coder
Murphy, John William, RCNR 32 Engine Room Artificer
Murray, Leon James Ashworth, RCNVR 28 Stoker
Nadeau, Joseph Raoul Rolland, RCNVR 25 Able Seaman
Nelson, Terrence Dominic, RCNVR 19 Signalman
Newman, Clifford Jerome, RCNVR 25 Engine Room Artificer
Nichols, Percy Merrill, RCNVR 23 Able Seaman
Noble, Wilfred James, RNPS Steward
Norman, Harry, RN 19 Telegraphist
O’Connor, Terrence Patrick, RCNVR Signalman
O’Grady, Daniel George, RCNVR Engine Room Artificer 4th Class
Oakley, Victor Sydney, RCNVR 23 Telegraphist
Oke, Frederick George, RCNVR 23 Leading Sick Berth Attendant
Orme, William Leslie, RCNVR 22 Petty Officer
Ozon, Gerald Thomas, RCNVR 20 Steward
Pedwell, Jack Aldon, RCNR 24 Leading Stoker
Perry, Roland, RCNVR Able Seaman
Phillips, Ronald Keith, RCNVR 18 Ordinary Seaman
Poole, Donald James, RCN 21 Petty Officer
Porter, John David, RCNVR 19 Able Seaman
Ralph, Georg, RCN 20 Able Seaman
Randall, Walter Gordon, RCN 19 Leading Seaman
Raymond, Paul Joseph Russell, RCNVR 21 Able Seaman
Reynolds, Frank Clarin, RCNVR 31 Lieutenant
Ridout, William George, RCNVR 26 Lieutenant
Rudd, John Sydney, RCNVR 21 Leading Coder
Russ, Clyde, RCNVR Able Seaman
Sanger, Lewis John, RCNVR 23 Lieutenant
Schofield, Darcy Joseph Milton, RCNVR 19 Cook
Sieber, Thomas Joseph, RCNVR Ordinary Coder
Sillers, John Alfred, RCNVR 21 Telegraphist
Sinclair, Eric William, RCNVR 31 Able Seaman
Skurdaskas, Thaddeus Joseph, RCNVR Leading Seaman
Snider, Richard Samuel, RCNVR Ordinary Telegraphist
Stevens, Cyril Edward, RCNVR 21 Ordinary Seaman
Storey, John Edmund, RCNVR 27 Passenger (Lieutenant (E))
Strachan, Edward Eloi, RCNVR 20 Telegraphist
Stringer, Joseph, RCNVR 20 Able Seaman
Sullivan, Samuel, RCNVR 26 Telegraphist
Sutton, Kenneth Roger, RCNVR 25 Paymaster Lieutenant
Swales, Leroy Stilson, RCNVR 24 Steward
Tapson, Stanley Carson, RCNVR Stoker 1st Class
Tate, Charles Ian Passman, RCNVR 22 Lieutenant
Templeton, Thomas McDonald, RCNVR 25 Leading Seaman
Therrien, Joseph Hector Clarence, RCNVR 26 Shipwright 4th Class
Topp, Charles James, RCNVR 26 Leading Stoker
Urquhart, Harold Frederick, RCNVR 23 Petty Officer Stoker
Valiquette, Raymond James, RCNVR 24 Petty Officer
Wakeley, Stanley Gordon, RCNVR 19 Able Seaman
Walker, Robert Thomas, RCNVR 27 Able Seaman
Ward, Victor Albert, RCNVR 25 Signalman
Warren, Jack Hamilton, RCNVR Lieutenant
Watson, John Crittenden, RCNVR 25 Lieutenant (E)
West, Robert Evans, RCNVR 20 Stoker
Whitlock, Roy Nelson, RCNVR 20 Ordinary Seaman
Willard, John Murray, RCNVR Leading Stoker
Willis, Stanley Turnbull, RCN 24 Leading Stoker
Wilson, Murray Francis, RCNVR 19 Able Seaman
Wilson, Robert Harvey, RCNVR 19 Able Seaman
Wilson, Roderick Arnold, RCN 25 Chief Petty Officer Stoker
Windsor, Frank Louis, RCNVR 23 Able Seaman
Woods, Mervyl Harrison, RCNVR 20 Able Seaman
Woolridge, George Leslie, RCNVR 19 Able Seaman
Yeo, Bertram Thomas, RCNVR Leading Stoker
Young, James Earl, RCNVR 24 Able Seaman