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The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have a long and distinguished history of serving in numerous multinational forces in global hot spots. Over the course of seventy years, 120,000 Canadians have served in over 50 United Nations operations. These operations have varied from monitoring the Iraq-Kuwait border to serving recently as peacekeepers in war-torn South Sudan. In Afghanistan, Canadians served both with the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and in a combat role as part of the NATO-led International Security and Assistance Force.

The implosion of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, between competing ethnic and nationalist interests, saw the CAF come face to face with the abrupt new realities of peacekeeping in the post-Cold War world. In Croatia, as later seen in Rwanda

and Bosnia, the model of peacekeeping employed in the Cold War based on strict impartiality and compliance between parties in the conflict fell apart. Instead, Canadian personnel quickly became embroiled in the conflict, caught between their strict UN mandates of non-intervention and the moral quandaries of bearing witness to ‘ethnic cleansing’ in post-communist Europe.

The following list is of Canadian Peacekeeping missions around the world.

If this list is incomplete, please contact us at a enlighten us.

# Acronym Name Year Canadian Participation
1 UNTCOK United Nations Temporary Commission on Korea 1947–49 Several civilian and military personnel
2 UNTSO United Nations Truce Supervision Organization 1948– Military observers, including Chief of Staff E.L.M. Burns
3 UNMOGIP United Nations Military Observer Group for India and Pakistan 1949– First Chief Military Observer and observers
4 UNEF I United Nations Emergency Force 1956–1967 Up to 1,007 personnel
5 ONUC United Nations Operation in the Congo 1960–1964 Approx 300 servicemen at a time, 1,900 total.
6 UNTEA/UNSF United Nations Temporary Executive Authority/United Nations Security Force (West New Guinea, Indonesia) 1962–1963 Two aircraft, one observer.
7 UNFICYP United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus 1964– Operation SNOWGOOSE
8 UNEFME (aka UNEF II) United Nations Emergency Force, Middle East 1973–1979 1,145 personnel
9 UNDOF United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (Israel/Syria) 1974– Operation DANACA
10 UNIFIL United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon 1978 110 personnel
11 MFO Multinational Force and Observers (Sinai, Egypt) 1981– Operation CALUMET
12 UNTAG United Nations Transition Assistance Group (Namibia) 1989–1990 Operation MATADOR
13 MINURSO United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara 1991–1994 Operation PYTHON, a maximum of 35 CF personnel from May 1991 – June 1994.
14 UNTAC United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia 1992–1993 Operation MARQUIS 1 and MARQUIS 2
15 UNOSOM I United Nations Operation in Somalia I April 1992 – December 1992
16 UNITAF Unified Task Force December 1992 – May 1993
17 UNPROFOR United Nations Protection Force (Croatia) 1992–1995 Operation Harmony
18 UNOSOM II United Nations Operation in Somalia II May 1993 – March 1995
19 UNMIH United Nations Mission in Haiti 1993–1996 Up to 500 Canadian Forces personnel and 100 civilian police.
20 UNAMIR United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda 1993–1996
21 UNCRO United Nations Confidence Restoration Operation 1994–1996
22 UNPREDEP United Nations Preventive Deployment Force 1995–1999 1 observer
23 UNMIBH United Nations Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1995–2000 20 Canadian Forces personnel and 100 RCMP and civilian police
24 UNSMIH United Nations Support Mission in Haiti 1996–1997 Operation STANDARD and Operation STABLE
25 UNTMIH United Nations Transition Mission in Haiti 1997–2004 Operation CONSTABLE
26 MIPONUH United Nations Civilian Police Mission in Haiti 1997–2000 Operation COMPLIMENT
27 MINURCA United Nations Mission in the Central African Republic 1998–2000 Over 80 CF personnel at peak.
28 INTERFET International Force for East Timor 1999–2000 Operation TOUCAN
29 UNMIK United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo 1999–2002 Operation Kinetic, Operation QUADRANT
30 UNAMSIL United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone 1999–2005 Operation REPTILE
31 MONUC United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo 1999– 9 military observers (Operation CROCODILE)
32 UNTAET United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor 2000–2002 600 personnel (Operation TOUCAN)
33 UNMEE UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea 2000 Operation Addition
34 MINUSTAH UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti 2004 500 personnel, 6 helicopters (Operation HALO)
35 UNMIS United Nations Mission in Sudan 2005–2009 45 personnel (Operation SAFARI)
36 UNAMID African Union – United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur 2009– Operation SATURN (Canada no longer participating)
37 MINUSMA United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali 2018-