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BGen Harry Herbert Angle DSO was the first Canadian serviceman to die during peacekeeping duties.

When World War II came Harry shifted to active service and moved through a series of postings and ranks. Eventually, as Lieutenant-Colonel, Angle commanded the B.C. Dragoons (which had been mobilized for active service in 1941 and converted to an armoured regiment) in the Italian campaign in 1944 and in the Netherlands in 1945.

In January of 1949 when he was summoned back to active military duty to serve on the United Nations Commission as Military Observer in connection with the India-Pakistan ceasefire in Kashmir. In 1950 he was appointed Chief Military Advisor to the United Nations, with the rank of Brigadier. He died on July 17, 1950, when his flight from New Delhi to Srinagar in Kashmir crashed in the mountains.

Reference: The Remember November 11 Association