Select Page is a massive, interactive, multi-phased project undertaken by Internet professionals, historians and a phalanx of filmmakers, volunteer researchers and others who have chosen to take up the challenge of providing a platform of information that is easily accessible and easy to navigate and understand that chronicles achievements by our Navy, Army and Air Force, Merchant Navy and Canadians on the home front from 1812 to the present. The paths taken by the Canadian military in all conflicts described in this web site serve as a backdrop for the stories we tell about the major movements, the battles and the lives lost along the way. We, of course, recognize that many books and other publications provide readers with information on battles fought by the Canadian military in operations from 1812 to the present, but little is said about lives lost during these campaigns. Exceptionally, in our section entitled Cemeteries, we commemorate the Canadians who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. We also intend to allow anyone to add information or images of materials and artifacts that will help commemorate those who were killed or wounded, thereby completing the stories we will tell. You are most welcome to join us and support us.