Select Page is a project undertaken in 2018 by Canadians at Arms Historical Society Inc., a non-profit corporation based in Ottawa.  The goal of the Historical Society is to enhance the knowledge of Canadians with respect to the proud military history of Canada and to instill a sense of pride in Canadians for our military traditions.  Remembrance should be a 365-day honour we offer to our past and current Armed Forces members. does not attempt to “retell” the stories of Canadian operations. Exceptionally, it not only aggregates existing information from existing sources, but it also presents it in a manner that greatly enhances viewing, navigating and understanding and allows anyone to complete/enhance the stories by adding information or images they wish to share. In all cases, original authors and/or sources of material used are acknowledged whenever possible. Authors objecting to the use of their material are asked to contact us at

Our motivation in developing this website stems from a wish to:

• Facilitate the general public’s understanding and appreciation of the contribution the Canadian Armed Forces have made in the pursuit of peace in the world;
• Provide students with a forum that appeals to their way of learning;
• Organize resources in a manner that provides teachers with a modern teaching aid;
• Enhance the military museum experience by making them available online;
• Introduce and facilitate a greater understanding and appreciation by Canadians of the contribution of civilians (including women and minorities) to the peace effort around the world;
• Include stories on a variety of less publicized groups and organizations such as Nursing Sisters, Rosie the Riveter, the CWAAF, the Arctic Rangers and others; and
• Provide researchers with a resource on Canadian military history they can easily access and navigate.