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Volunteer researchers are part of the backbone of this site. These volunteers are tasked to identify and research stories, video and images for the site.

If you are interested in Canadian military history, join us as a volunteer researcher.

The following are the guidelines for researchers:

Stories are not necessarily original. If copied from other sites, they must be accompanied by a reference. If more than one reference is found in a search, even if the subsequent references are not used in the story, they should be provided.

Stories should use the following format:
• The body of the story: Calibri, 12 point
• References: Calibri, 12 point, italics

If references to books are found, they should be included as follows:
Author name, Title of book, date of publishing

If photos are to be used, they should be in the following format:
• .JPG, a large as possible on the download

If spreadsheets or charts are used, they should be in EXCEL format, Calibri, 12 point font.

Reference text should accompany the photo, including:
• Information on content
• Information on source

We have a section on the site for Advisors and Researchers. For this, you should supply a headshot and short profile of yourself.

Other notes:
• If you know other persons who might be interested in acting as a researcher, please bring them to our attention at
• If you are aware of anyone, individual or corporate, who is interested in contributing financially to support the site, direct them to our SUPPORT page on
• Stories should be sourced from reputable sites and be able to be verified with at least one other source.
• When you submit a story, we shall verify it, format it and post it to the site.