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The H.M.C.S. Margaree

It happened back in thirty-nine
When I left to do my part,
To join the active service force
To fight with all my heart.

My brother shortly after this
Did join the R.C.N.
And landed aboard the Frasher
With a jolly bunch of men

It seems she was a hard-luck ship,
And just why it had to be,
Hard luck and misfortune did follow her
When ere she put to sea.

They patrolled the South Atlantic
They patrolled off Britain’s shore,
But alas my darling brother
He shall patrol no more.

The Frasher was rammed off Dunkirk
And sank without a trace
He had a narrow escape there
And was saved by Gods kind grace.

They lost all their belongings
And everything they wore
And were lucky to escape disaster
And be landed on Britain’s shore

A new ship then commissioned
And proudly put to sea
Twas on this ship he gave his life
On the ill-fated Margaree

Coming home on convoy duty
Guarding Britain’s ships out there
That never knew that in the dark
Lurked danger everywhere.

Then out of the fog and darkness,
A strange hulk came into view
Too late to avoid the accident
As she cut the Margaree in two.

Now brother Gus was one of the many
Who their life for England gave,
And now sleeps beneath the Atlantic
In a dark, unknown grave.

Now All who read this story
And who fight for liberty
Offer up a kindly prayer
For the men of the Margaree.

A jinx ship she was christened
And such she had to be
And t’was a very sad ending did come
for the H.M.C.S Margaree

Author Unknown