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We Need Your Help

You can imagine that this site is an ambitious undertaking.  It will require the help and support of many persons and a great deal of technology.

We Need Your Help to make this all work.

We are a non-profit corporation so no tax receipts can be issued, but you will be acknowledged on the site as a contributor. No amount of contribution is too small.  However, our ideal objective would be to have one or more foundations or companies to set up an endowment to fund the ongoing site.

Our initial funding will be used for our Sicily and Italy phase.  Future phases are under development including, but not limited to: the Invasion of Europe (Normandy), Belgium, Holland and Germany; North Africa and Balkans; Asia (i.e. Hong Kong and Burma); the War at Sea (including convoys); and the War in the Air.

For more information please contact:

Bruce Ricketts

You can support us by making a contribution through our PayPal account:

You can support us via electronic transfer to our bank or by sending a check to our address.  Contact us to make arrangements.

You can support us by VOLUNTEERING.  We need help with the website content, both research and editing.  If you have the skills, interest and time, please contact us.

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