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Many organizations will be supported by the proceeds of this concert including, but not limited to:


The Canadians at Arms Historical Society (CaAHS) is rapidly becoming the national hub of all things related to the history of Canada’s military and veteran experiences.  We seek to preserve the wonderful work of so many enthusiasts, historians, veterans, serving members, and their families who have documented the rich and storied detail of what Canadians have done in uniform and after the uniform comes off.  Additionally, we are developing local and national education strategies to keep these stories and history alive in the hearts and imaginations of Canadians while sharing in activities that will assist veterans in need.


The Respect Forum is a civilian project headquartered in Montreal Quebec. The forum serves to bring awareness to the needs of our returning troops and veterans.  The objectives of the Respect Forum are to create public awareness of PSTD and veteran homelessness; provide support through fundraising, and enhance collaboration among groups and individuals to support veterans.

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