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The following Canadians are buried at Mook War Cemetery:

Surname Forename Age Death Rank Regiment/Service Unit/Sqrn Serv # Grave
ANAKA HARRY JOHN 04/10/1944 Captain Royal Canadian Infantry Corps ‘CDN/123’ I. E. 4.
BOE BERNARD 28 25/09/1944 Flight Lieutenant Royal Canadian Air Force 441 Sqdn. ‘J/3463’ III. C. 10.
CREAMER WALTER GEORGE 01/01/1945 Private Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada ‘B/119008’ III. D. 11.
LAMKIE GEORGE LYLE 31/10/1944 Private Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders, R.C.I.C. ‘C/103188’ III. C. 4.
MITCHELL NORMAN RAE 20 28/08/1942 Flight Sergeant Royal Canadian Air Force 49 (R.A.F.) Sqdn ‘R/77146’ Coll. grave IV. C. 10.
McMILLAN OSMAN 21 25/09/1944 Pilot Officer Royal Canadian Air Force 441 Sqdn. ‘J/92574’ II. A. 6.
REILLY ROBERT JOHN 18/11/1944 Flying Officer Royal Canadian Air Force 440 Sqdn. ‘J/38349’ III. C. 15.

Reference: Commonwealth War Graves Commission