Watch the show from 6 September 2020!


Rachelle Elie


This multi-talented comedian was nominated for Best Breakout Artist with the Canadian Comedy Awards in 2018.

John McDermott


A Scottish-born tenor and a resident in Toronto since 1965, John is a superb entertainer and a tireless supporter of Veteran causes.

Glen Foster


For 40 years, That Canadian Guy has been one of the top headliners on the Canadian comedy circuit. His new DVD, Unchecked, will be out soon.

Derek Seguin


One of Canada’s funniest and edgiest comedians he was named Canadian Top Comic in 2015 by SiriusXM and is a regular performer at Just for Laughs and other comedy festivals.

What Makes Our Event Special?

During this time of COVID, we are employing up to 12 people to put on this concert… without any government funding. The goal of the Historical Society is to preserve the history and the legacy of the Canadian military and to support our veterans.

Where do all the donations go?

We are supporting RESPECT Forum, and the Homes for Heroes Foundation. RESPECT Forum promotes collaboration through networking and knowledge sharing to improve mental health services and reduce homelessness for our men and women in uniform. Homes for Heroes believes that veterans-in-need progress toward a secure and self-sufficient life through access to housing and a support system offering stability and dignity.

Event Hosts

The host for this fun-filled night and raffle is the Canadians at Arms Historical Society

Our Sponsors

Thanks to the support we receive from you and these organizations, we can continue to help Veterans with the assistance they truly need and deserve.

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